My experience with….. Lotion bars!

One of my childhood memories is of my mom saying over and over and over again “Estefanía, don’t forget to use the body lotion” – She always said it in the mornings around 5.30 am when I was preparing myself to go to school. Yes, in Colombia, where I come from, school starts CRAZY EARLY – in my case: 6.45 a.m.

Since I was born I have always had super dry skin – or as I called it my beloved lizard skin 😉 this means that body lotion has always been a MUST HAVE during my self-care routine. When I was living with my parents, having body lotion available to use was not at all a problem, the problem arrived when I moved alone and I had to start paying for it with my own money… Oush! It was so expensive for me!

Eventually, I could afford it and I was very happy with the results… for a while.

A few years ago, I started seeing this “plastic pollution” thing everywhere so I got interested in learning more about the zero-waste lifestyle and found out a big problem: my body lotion is packaged in a plastic bottle and I used lots of it. Maybe 1 per month that makes 12 per year… and this only ME! So, of course when we open Vågen, having a body lotion free of packaging was a huge thing for me and more so now when I’m pregnant and everyones tells you that you must put lotions on your belly. Lucky me, when we were losing hope, we got a message from a woman named Anna offering EKO BODY LOTION BARS. I have tried many things during my whole life… so believe me when I say this is the best product I have tried. Besides it is free of packaging, is made with organic ingredients, and is super affordable.

You can buy ANNAS EKO – LOTION BARS at Vågen from 12kr (small) and 99 kr (big)